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There are many natural teeth whitening products on the market today that you can buy, but it can be hard to find one that really works the best. Power Swabs we have found to be the best natural teeth whitener, with all natural ingredients too! Finally, there is a very effective natural tooth whitening dental product, with all natural active ingredients, which contains no peroxide or bleach! Power Swabs works on crowns, caps and veneers as well. You can see results just after one application.

Natural remedies are important and can be the best answer over other products. When it comes to your teeth you may want a product that does not contain bleach or peroxide and is easy to use. This product can be implemented as part of your daily oral care routine.

We all want a beautiful smile with clean white teeth, but as we know, teeth stain easily from caffeine, beverages and food that we consume every day. First impressions last and making a good one can be important for many reasons, so great dental care is essential. Ordinary toothpaste can only do so much to remove some of the more stubborn stains and the type of enamel you have can affect how stained your teeth will become.


Your teeth may not appear stained to you but in fact they might be. You may not notice it but teeth can become an off white color easily over time without you realizing it. Instead of trying to cover up those stains with bleaching agents, The Powerswab unique formula works to actually remove the stains, leaving you with a healthier, whiter smile, naturally.

Power Swab Teeth Whitening products are the best natural whiteners on the market. They contain no peroxide or bleach and they actually work. Another reason this is a quality product is how long the effects last which is longer than other products available. Power Swabs do not cause any sensitivity pain to teeth and gums as well.

Featured here are some of the most popular products in the range such as the natural bleach free clean swabs. Unlike other methods, using Power Swabs is pretty simple. There are no messy trays to use or awkward strips. Using all natural ingredients, Power Swabs can help to improve the condition of your tooth enamel as well as rehydrate it. Only minutes to use and results can be seen very quickly. After a week of use your teeth should be several shades whiter.

Power Swabs – Do They Really Work?

Power Swabs contain natural ingredients and do not contain harsh agents such as bleach or peroxide and many people assume that without these abrasive ingredients that Power Swabs would not work as well. This is actually very untrue. The ingredients used in power swabs were chosen specifically for their ability to clean your teeth by removing the stains. Other teeth whitening products do not do this, instead they simply bleach the stains so they match the color of your teeth.

You can find out more about why and how they work as well as check out some before and after photos to show the type of improvements you could expect after different periods of time.

Not only do you see results quicker but your teeth will stay whiter longer. The swabs can clean right into the gaps of your teeth, something that bleaching won’t do. This can make a huge difference to the overall result.

Power Swabs remove stains, bleaching only lightens and covers the stains temporarily until they match the color of your teeth. This does not eliminate the problem and over time the stains will start to reappear and will need to be covered over again. Stains can build up quickly so it’s important to maintain your whiter teeth as best you can. You don’t have to give up coffee to do it, a regular routine of power swab treatments can take care of it for you.

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The Power Swab Range

Power Swabs are available in several different packages.
The most popular are the one month kit and the three month kit.

The one month kit is a great starter kit for anyone with mild to moderate staining but if you want a full course of treatment, the three month option may be for you.

  • Power Swabs 1 Month Intensive Whitening and 3 Month Maintenance Kits
  • Power Swabs 3-Month Maintenance Kit
  • Stain Out Swabs
  • Tooth Detergent
  • Power Swabs Ultimate Maintenance Kit
  • Power Swabs 7 Day Ultra Intensive Whitening Kit

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